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The name HEMP ERA is an acronym for, Help End Mass Pollution – Environmental Revolution Army and our mission is sustainability! Hemp is the most eco-friendly crop on Earth and can indeed help end mass pollution by replacing thousands of products currently being made from materials harmful to our planet. We live in a time where our ecosystem has been compromised and change is needed. An environmental movement spurring a resurgence of industrial hemp is the needed change and HEMP ERA is helping lead the way.

If there were a goal for mankind, something to work toward as a collective whole, we at HEMP ERA believe it should be sustainability. Hemp has played an important role during many eras of mankind’s history for over 10,000 years and will now play a pivotal role in the healing of our planet.

A new era in history has begun, a period of time defined by hemp. Welcome to HEMP ERA!

Mission Statement: To market Earth Friendly hemp products and promote the many uses of hemp in an effort to help create a sustainable future for Mankind.

HEMP ERA’s Five Core Values

1) Earth First – Planet before Profits! This may sound foolish for a business to say, but remember, our products are hemp, the world’s most eco-friendly crop, so we are about as Earth First as a company gets. We also promote Earth friendly practices for processing hemp and during the production of products made from hemp.

2) Community – A great man preached that we are “All-One”, an idea in which HEMP ERA concurs. Hemp is the greatest gift bestowed on Mankind and will benefit every community world wide whom utilize it. This company looks to encourage this mindset and those who agree with the concept of “All-One”, so visit our Community page to find out how you can get involved.

3) Employees – Our employees are more than just, “like family” for they are the individuals that as a whole, make this company work. Not only do we pay hourly wages well above minimum wage, but we also profit share because we understand our success is due to our employees contributions.

4) Philanthropy – Once established, Twenty-five percent of this company’s profits are donated to our non-profits which include providing lunches and clothing for disadvantaged youths, as well as developing low income housing units in high rent locations.

5) Industry – HEMP ERA is helping lead the way for the hemp industry with future sponsoring of University research studies on hemp technology and by growing this company in all aspects of the hemp industry.

HEMP ERA’s goals.

  1. Grow this company by bringing together conscious buyers with companies producing hemp products.
  2. Maintain a user friendly website, providing access to thousands of hemp products, as well as information about all aspects of hemp, from the history of hemp, to the environmental benefits, to farming and end products.
  3. Actively Educate the masses about hemp by providing access to reliable information.
  4. Develop a Grassroots Movement promoting eco-friendly/sustainable lifestyles, which include the use of hemp in all capacities, supporting organic/non-gmo farming, clean water, and anti-fracking as well as other environmental issues.
  5. Open a storefront by Thanksgiving 2016.
  6. Start a philanthropic charity in 2016.

Our objective at HEMP ERA is sustainability. We aim to accomplish this by providing you the ability to impart positive change on the environment with every purchase of our quality products made from Earth’s most eco-friendly crop.

We not only advocate for the use of hemp in every possible industry, but also educate the public about the benefits hemp can bestow on both the environment and the economy. By utilizing hemp to its fullest potential, we can indeed achieve sustainability.

To learn more about how you can join HEMP ERA in the fight to save our eco-system, please visit our Community page.


In 2016 HEMP ERA looks to give back and will launch the first of our charitable non-profits, which will help clothe financially disadvantaged youths. Our second charity will also involve children as we provide organic school lunches for disadvantaged kids.

Stay tuned for more information.

The Board of Directors for HEMP ERA is made up of hemp industry leaders focussed on growing this industry into a leading force in environmental and economic change. The hemp industry has the ability to strengthen communities nationwide, in turn developing a sustainable society.


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